The Birth of B/A Vintage

Bear with me as I work on this blog, for three years I did a tea blog, with Google and it seemed so easy. Now I’m starting over. I’m going to highlight each shop over the next short time. Starting with newtonville first.

above picture…our training with instructor Barb Skivingyon

In October 2013, Frank and I went to North Carolina and trained to be Annie Sloan stockist, it was an intense three exciting  days, learned lots and made some great friends. Now Frank isn’t a painter, but he joined in and had a great time, him and another man, enjoying being surrounded with woman.

Our original British American garage…

We came home and settled right into work , along with our regular auction business, the two go hand and hand. We got our paint shortly after and that was the year of the ice storm, no electricity for four days  we were so worried about the paint. All was good.

This is where I got my name for the shop, also helps that my name is Betty and Ann is my middle name,


My brand…

We at B/A Vintage are so proud to be affiliated with Annie Sloan and sell her paints. What an amazing woman she is to invent such a wonderful paint and then half the world try and copy her and come up with a similar type of paint. Can’t be matter how they try. Chalkpaint™ By Annie Sloan takes no priming, no sanding, no VOCs, dries in 15-20 minutes. Has 35 different colours and they all mix together to make many more colours.

Paint display, cabinet is painted in Aubusson 

We are fortunate to have the auction business, for people to buy old or new furniture and then slip out front and get Chalkpaint™ to bring life to their treasures. And we are double fortunate to live next door to the shop, making it possible to meet customers on off hours.

Shop when we first opened..

Daughter Tara and daughter in law Billi help me in the shop.

Next post will be Whitby.