BA Vintage

It’s been an exciting couple of months in the Annie Sloan World, the lady never stops. We got…new waxes, white and black, makes waxing so much fun…almost more fun than painting…New sanding pads, that are great for wet sanding or dry and they wash up….New mixing pads, now these I love too, wash like a charm and you can mix paints on them and they just wipe off, pads have all kinds of hints and ideas on them…then last for a while a ….new paint colour’s a bright blue named after Town where Monet lived. image

Check out the pieces painted in the Giverny…Antibes polka dots…chest has emperors silk under the Giverny (by the way it took one sample pot to do this)…smoking stand with Henrietta inside…I think this colour goes with any of the colours.  Stop into one of the three shops and check it out .

Tricia and I spent e last couple of days in Hamilton, Ohio doing a workshop with 48 other stockists, Barb Skivington was our instructor, we had a great time, it was a little far, 9 hours there and home, so we are dragging a little today. But coming up with new ideas for workshops, pillows for the next two – and then an announcement for the clock workshop will be soon.

Enjoy our cool weather, and paint…






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