B/A Vintage growing into Whitby

Going to continue with the blogging while its fresh, because at my age memory goes fast.

I believe it was about January 2015 we got approved for a second shop in the Whitby area. Another Annie  Sloan shop, scary, but so wonderful. it just seemed to go fast  we opened the end of February, Tricia went for training in New Orleans – at unfoldeds headquarters. (Unfolded is the American distributors of Annie Sloan chalkpaint™)…how exciting was that. In fact she stayed an extra week, her hubby met her and they holidayed during Mardi Gras.

148 Brock st. N Whitby

When we first rented this place it was brown clapboard, you can see it on the side.  Then one day they blocked the front door and bricked it.  We were so pleased. Two room shop, front is the sales area and the back room is the studio, also a basement. The inside of shop is so pretty. Four chandeliers, ceiling and one wall is graphite.

Panoramic view of the inside

Tricia came home from New Orleans and we opened the shop a week later and it’s been a going concern since then. She paints an item almost everyday  and has turned out some beauties.

One of many painted pieces that was so popular 

I wish we had kept track of the workshops she’s taught, been many, small studio area where they take place.

Tricia teaching a workshop, very happy students…

The whitby B /A Vintage is a great shop with so many wonderful customers.  If you’re in the area, stop in and visit us…love to see you.