B/A Vintage growing into Whitby

Going to continue with the blogging while its fresh, because at my age memory goes fast. I believe it was about January 2015 we got approved for a second shop in the Whitby area. Another Annie  Sloan shop, scary, but so wonderful. it just seemed to go fast  we opened the end of February, Tricia … [Read more…]

The Birth of B/A Vintage

Bear with me as I work on this blog, for three years I did a tea blog, with Google and it seemed so easy. Now I’m starting over. I’m going to highlight each shop over the next short time. Starting with newtonville first. above picture…our training with instructor Barb Skivingyon In October 2013, Frank and … [Read more…]

B/A Vintage celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday

We’ve been busy here at B/A Vintage getting ready for Canada’s birthday. All our windows are decorated and bring it on.  We’ve been painting flowers in our workshops, when I came up with this idea to turn them into our Canadian flowers with the leaf in the centre. They are very effective and there is … [Read more…]

BA Vintage

It’s been an exciting couple of months in the Annie Sloan World, the lady never stops. We got…new waxes, white and black, makes waxing so much fun…almost more fun than painting…New sanding pads, that are great for wet sanding or dry and they wash up….New mixing pads, now these I love too, wash like a … [Read more…]