We welcome you to our B/A Vintage site, first let me introduce you to who We are…Betty and Frank Stapleton …we both grew up in newtonville and married…the British American service centre was on a four corners of our small community in Newtonville. We bought the building in 1980 and restored it to its glory.
are the proud owners of  these four shops. We have taken the name B/A Vintage, from our B/A vintage facility. This building we are so proud of, having grown up in newtonville with the building.
 Our four locations,offers two product options . 1. a full line  of chalk paint™ by Annie Sloan  and associated products.  2. General Finishes gel stains and finishes.
We specialize  in  chalk paint™ by Annie Sloan  the decorative DIY – easy to use paint that re-purposes your special vintage and dated pieces, as well as cupboards. Annie invented this chalk paint over 26 years ago, with a choice of 36 colours – no sanding, no priming, no voc’s, water based, odourless, environmentally friendly.

All Annie Sloan stockists are trained.



General finishes gel stains are very popular and so easy to use. Comes in many stains and can be painted on as well as wiped on. Finishes can be a urethane or water base.  Available at all four shops.

Please note: every morning I update our Facebook page for B/A Vintage. New items we are on working on, if we are out of a colour (hopefully that isn’t often) of we have left keys home, someone sick. So please check in with us and join in, in our conversations.